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ABOUT YAYA: Young Actors for Young Audiences

A programme of the Leanor and Alvin Segal Theatre
& The Tauben Family Foundation

YAYA, Young Actors for Young Audiences, is the youth wing of the renowned Dora Wasserman Yiddish Theatre. The Yiddish Theatre has been providing a programme for children since the 1950s. YAYA produces a play each season performed by youth, about youth and for youth.

YAYA's success stems from the talent and magnetism of its directors, its high production values through a professional creative team and its relevant themes.

Through the medium of theatre, YAYA offers youth the chance to experience Jewish heritage and Yiddish language and culture.

YAYA helps fulfill the mission of The Dora Wasserman Yiddish Theatre:

  1. To dramatize the whole panorama of the Jewish experience.
  2. To sustain Yiddish language and culture.
  3. To foster intercultural understanding through the arts.
In order to foster intercultural understanding among youth, YAYA presents plays inspired by youth's search for meaning in today's world.

Supertitles: In order to make YAYA plays fully accessible to the public, the plays are translated through a system of projected supertitles in English and/or French and other languages on tour.

Dialogue is in English and/or French with songs in Yiddish.