Your Work and Depression

Your Work and DepressionVery often depressions may be developed not only because of family problems and terrible losses but also in connection with our working places and other circumstances connected with the job. It doesn't depend on your job position and the stage of career.

Unfortunately, such problems are very wide-spread between all the employees after the personal and family problems. About twenty per cent of all working people come across this problem. For this reason a lot of workdays are simply wasted because of people's inability to work. Moreover, depression often happens at the most able-bodied years and nobody gives proper attention to this serious problem which needs immediate treatment.

It can sound really surprising but still people who suffer from depression spend more time out of work than those, ill with arthritis, diabetes or other problems with stomach or lungs. Moreover, antidepressants are quite expensive.

Very often, employees suffering from depression have no time and desire for treating it. Most of them simply don't realize the problem. Of course, there are usual causes, why people are likely not to pay any attention to problems connected with "work" depression and we want to give here a short list of them:

  • Many people think that they are able to cope with it themselves.
  • Very often they do not know that their constant "bad mood" is a depression.
  • Some are interested in confidentiality policies of the company where they work.
  • And a number of patients are afraid they do not have enough money.

So, how can such a depression be expressed? What are the signs?

  • First of all it's the lower level productivity.
  • Mental troubles.
  • The absence of desire to cooperate.
  • Extraordinary tiredness.
  • Pains that has no exact reasons.
  • Abnormal indifference to various events.

Being a chef of the company you should also care about mental (and not only physical health) of your workers (have a specialist or a service where people can receive psychological help).

Provide some educative lectures for your employees in order to convince them that depression is a common disease nowadays and it should be treated.