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News Release

Robert Adams speaks at Sunday-@-the-Saidye
September 21, 2003

Robert Adams, the acclaimed literary reviewer, will speak about the play, Major Barbara by George Bernard Shaw, at the first Sunday-@-the-Saidye programme of the 2003-2004 SBC Theatre season. The public is invited to participate as Adams explores this comedy of ideas on Sunday, September 21, 2003 at 11 A.M. in the SBC Theatre at 5170 Cote-Ste-Catherine Road. Admission is free. Major Barbara is a play that Adams knows well through his long career as an educator. Close by will be Guy Sprung, who will present his own interpretation as the director of the Theatre’s upcoming production of Major Barbara.

When Robert Adams stands alone on a stage, he has the ability to captivate, clarify and intrigue as he probes the historical, biographical and literary context of a work. This erudite Welsh-born writer and critic lectures in both Montreal and Toronto to thousands who sign up for his annual series of sold-out book reviews. Adams’ lectures are also regularly telecast on TV Ontario’s “Big Ideas” and he is a frequent participant on CBC Radio’s “Talking Books”. A collection of his lectures, A Love of Reading was a national best seller and McClelland & Stewart recently published a sequel, A Love of Reading: The Second Collection. Adam’s biography of painter Alexander Bercovitch was short-listed for the 1988 QSPELL Award.