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Our professional jewellery studio is equipped with a variety of machinery. Tools and basic materials are not included in course fees.


Creative Jewellery All levels
Sarah Helen Krumel
This course enables students to learn various techniques for handmade jewellery. Using only basic tools, students will develop their personal style and complete a variety of unique pieces through the creative use of wire, beads, and other simple materials.
7:00 –10:00 pm, Tuesdays
January 23 – March 27 (10 sessions, 30 hours)
(YM $279) $299 JWY4701

NEW: Wax Carving

Denys Michaud All levels
Introduction to the various properties of wax as a matrix for the casting of sterling silver or gold jewellery with this ancient technique called “lost wax”. Course includes construction and carving of models for rings, earrings, brooches, etc., which will be cast in metal and polished.
7:00 –10:00 pm, Thursdays
January 25 – March 29 (10 sessions, 30 hours)
(YM $279) $299 JWY4702

Basic Jewellery Level I
Gustavo Estrada
In this level, students will be assigned a series of exercises and projects, giving them an idea of the work required. To master the basic jewellery-making techniques, students must complete all the exercises. This course covers tracing, sawing, filing, soldering and polishing, so that students can complete their first project: a simple ring (optional: cabochon cut stone in a box setting). There will also be a brief introduction to basic wax carving. After having completed both the simple ring and the lost wax projects, students will be encouraged to design and create a personal project, time permitting
9:00 am – 12:00 pm, Tuesdays
January 23 – March 27 (10 sessions, 30 hours)
(YM $279) $299 JWY4703

7:00 –10:00 pm, Wednesdays
January 24 – March 28 (10 sessions, 30 hours)
(YM $279) $299 JWY4704

Basic Jewellery Level II
Celine Bouré
In this course, students can tackle personal projects where they can apply all the basic techniques but also explore more advanced techniques (surface treatment (mechanical and physical), metal colouring and finishing, basic claw settings for stones with facets or cabochons). Level 1 or the equivalent experience required.
1:00 – 4:00, Tuesdays
January 23 – March 27(10 sessions, 30 hours)
(YM $279) $299 JWY4705

Personal projects
Gustavo Estrada
Students will be guided through the various steps in making their projects while developing their personal style. This course is intended for both novice and experienced students.
10:00 am – 1:00 pm, Sundays
January 28 – March 25 (9 sessions, 27 hours)
(YM $249) $269 JWY4706

Workshop with technician
2:00 - 5:00 pm, Sundays
January 28 – March 25 (9 sessions, 27 hours)
(YM $ 129) $139 JWY4707