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News Release

Martin Pichette

April 2005

April 6 to 28, 2005

ESPACE TROIS Montreal, March 23, 2005

Montreal artist, Martin Pichette’s three large pyramidal structures dominate the gallery space. Paintings of people involved in personal daily activities are rendered in monochromatic tones of green on one side of these large truncated wood constructions. The other two sides are painted in solid primary and secondary colours. By using these simplified tonalities, the artist transforms the realistic appearance of objects in our world into abstract shapes defined by light and space

On one pyramid, a mother with two children gather around a small table while the little girl raises a crayon in her hand pausing before she draws on the white paper on the small round table. In this way, Pichette examines the reality of the physical world around him and transforms it into an image of introspective abstract insight.

Three sculptures plus drawings and paintings.
Drawings and paintings accompany these sculptures. In each, the artist explores different colour palettes and transforms other details of his own daily life and of those around him into meditations on situations caught forever on his canvases: tree branches framed by a window, fruit in a bowl on a table, the gesture of talking on the telephone, or a man and woman sitting by a window in a café.

VERNISSAGE: Wednesday, April 6 from 5 to 8 pm
The artist will be present.

Espace Trois is an exhibition space within the Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts devoted to exhibiting work created by artists who teach in the School of Fine Arts as well as the advanced Atelier members.

Information: Doreen Lindsay, coordinator of exhibitions (514) 932-6688