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News Release

Painting & Photography
by Marilyn Lightstone

June 2 - 29, 2005

Montreal - May 24, 2005 Famed actress, Marilyn Lightstone, returns to her hometown for a one-woman show of paintings and photographs.

“I do believe that I'm a serious painter,” says Marilyn Lightstone, “though the viewer will notice that my work is neither didactic nor political. Perhaps it's all the years that I've spent as an actress, but my intention is to delight, inspire, and give the viewer a respite from life's trials.”

She's been a huge fan of the Post-Impressionists since she was a child and - for most of her life – has wanted nothing more than to emulate them, both in style and subject matter.

Abstract Expressionism?

“Well, I had no emotional connection whatsoever with that world, and when anyone enquired as to why that was so, I told them that it wasn't that I didn't like it, I simply didn't feel it. The same thing was true of jazz.”

Then, one evening, weary of the CDs she customarily played in the studio, she turned on the radio and - by sheer happenstance - locked in to FM91.1, Toronto's jazz station.

“It was like being hit by lightening,” she says. “In a flash, after all those years of incomprehension, I 'got it.'

And what happened then?

“Oh, nothing too significant,” she laughs, “ except that my thinking about art and music changed forever.”

Thursday, June 2 from 5:00 to 8:00 pm
The artist will be present.

The Artist:

Marilyn Lightstone lives in Toronto. She returns to the world of the visual arts after a wide-ranging career as Actress, Novelist, Scriptwriter, Television Host and Director. She has studied with a wide range of painting teachers in both Canada and the USA and has had public showings of both her photography and her painting.

She is delighted to be showing at the Saidye Bronfman Centre in her beloved hometown of Montreal

Espace Trois is an exhibition space within the Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts devoted to exhibiting work created by artists who teach in the School of Fine Arts as well as the advanced Atelier members.

Information: Susan Apter, Director, School of Fine Arts
(514) 739-2301 Ext. 320