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News Release

A Tribute to Margaret Thomas as Printmaker
December 6 - 31, 2006

VERNISSAGE: Wednesday, December 6th. from 5 to 8 pm

ESPACE TROIS, Montreal, November 23, 2006. Espace Trois is pleased to present this selection of etchings, lithographs, collographs and monoprints by the Montreal artist Margaret Thomas. We are paying tribute to Margaret as a printmaker although she was much more than that. During the artist’s versatile thirty-five year career she produced many detailed drawings, large-scale representational paintings and some instalation works.

Transparency, colour graduations and movement have always been central elements of the artist’s work. They reoccur throughout her paintings, drawings and prints. In this exhibition, the artist’s ability to render rich tonal graduations of black can be seen in one of her “Geranium” etchings while in another inking of the same image she shows a strong use of subtle colour graduations.

Transparent colour forms, found in her 1988 torn-paper monoprint series, attest to the artist’s ability to create magical moments with bits and pieces of ordinary materials. These subtly coloured prints show her personal choice for delicate nuances of mauve, blue and yellow, which weave their way through each other’s transparent shapes.

Included in the exhibition will be the last work that Margaret created. In her final weeks in the hospital she managed to attend a silkscarf workshop and made a delicate scarf filled with beautifully vibrant colours.

MARGARET THOMAS was a member of the SBC Etching Atelier from 1981 until 2005 participating in their group exhibitions in 2002,1998,1993,1989, and 1985. Previous to joining the Atelier, she was a strong member/supporter of POWERHOUSE GALLERY, the first gallery in Montreal devoted exclusively to exhibiting artwork by women. Margaret’s work was included in the landmark 1975 exhibition ARTFEMMES and shown in the Saidye Bronfman Centre. Her unique book of drawings on acetate was included in the 1979 WOMEN’S BOOKWORKS exhibition, which was organized by POWERHOUSE GALLERY and traveled to eight Canadian cities.

Espace Trois is an exhibition space of the School of Fine Arts devoted to exhibiting work by artists who teach in the School of Fine arts as well as the Advanced Atelier members.

Information: Doreen Lindsay, Coordinator of Exhibitions (514) 932-6688