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News Release


Melissa Bailly + Marie Chantal Gelinas + Jean-Sebastien Massicotte + Andre Plamondon + Milena Scala

March 5 to 23, 2006

ESPACE TROIS, Montreal, February 22, 2006 – Espace Trois takes pleasure in presenting
the creative works of Melissa Bailly, Marie Chantal Gelinas, Jean-Sebastien Massicote, Andre Plamondon and Milena Scala, five artists who are graduating this year from the Comprehensive Art Program (C.A.P.) of the School of Fine Art at the Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts.
They have worked in studio arts full time for three years selecting their courses with the
assistance of specially trained faculty members.

Each of the artists has selected two to three works to indicate the direction in which they are
moving in their creative development. An opportunity to see ideas by new emerging artists.

Melissa Bailly likes to experiment with colour. Her exuberant bright colour abstractions develope spontaneously as she applies paint to canvas with brush, spatule or towels to create texture and form.
Marie Chantal Gelinas presents a series of diptychs which express a simultaneous vision of the exterior public life and the interior intimate life. She invites the viewer to contemplate the ill-fated aspect of human nature that is often masked by appearances.
Jean-Sébastien Massicotte presents images of the urban environment in which we live today. Working in both black and white and colour, he expresses his vision of society.
André Plamondon immerses you in his fantasy environment where silhouettes of characters fade into the brush strokes of powerful colors, lights and movements. His wide 36 by 36 inch acrylic paintings depict touching scenes of some imaginary tales in a commerical world.
Milena Scala combines the sculptural form of the aged human figure with painted images of children at play. The juxtaposition of the young and old illustrates the passage of time and alludes to memories trapped within.

Vernissage: Sunday, March 5, 2006 from 2 to 5 pm
The artists will be present.

Espace Trois is an exhibition space of the School of Fine Arts within the Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts devoted to exhibiting work by artists who teach in the School of Fine Arts as well as the Advanced Atelier members.

Information: Doreen Lindsay, Coordinator of Exhibitions (514) 932-6688