What Do You Know About Panic Attacks?

What Do You Know About Panic Attacks?Speaking about various mental problems we can not but mention the problem of panic attacks. Shortly they are sudden sensation of fear and strong anxiety that appears without considerable reasons and explanations. The problem is that such attacks can happen at any moment and even at night, when you sleep. Very often people mix these rushes with strokes and problems with a heart. They believe that they will die. Still, the main point is that often people suffering from such attacks are absolutely healthy and have no serious problems with the heart or something like that. Furthermore, they do not realize their real problem.

Usually, these rushes are short, not more than 10 minutes. But separate symptoms can remain longer. Another fact is that if the attack occurred once to a person there maybe relapses. If the panic attacks are repeated again and again than we can diagnose a disease called Panic Disorder.

And now let's consider the signs of the panic attack:

So, as have already mentioned, all cases of panic happen all of a sudden and may have no reason at all. Their symptoms are following:

  • Patients often feel pulsation and the heart beats faster than usual;
  • People may feel pain in the chest;
  • Problems with stomach;
  • Sickness, vertigo, faintness;
  • It is hard to breath;
  • A fever or chills may appear;
  • A desire to save oneself;
  • People are afraid to die or to lose control on the situation.

The attack itself is brief but very stressful and unpleasant for a person. Besides, all the signs remind us of a heart stroke. Very often after the first panic rush you may expect others which generally occur at different places and at any time. These conditions are not related to any physical or emotional reasons. Sometimes other mental diseases may be followed by panic rushes. It can be connected even with clinic depressions or schizophrenia, problems with usage of drugs and others.