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Susan Hiller
The J.Street Project
September 17 November 2, 2006

The J.Street Project:

There are 303 roads, streets and paths in Germany, whose names refer to a Jewish presence. Susan Hiller has visited all of them over the past three years, filming and taking photographs of these historically evocative places. The J.Street Project is an interrogation of landscape’s capacity to memorialize. Ordinary German places, inner-city shopping streets, dreamy lanes, anonymous suburbs and secluded country roads are invested with an eloquent silence.

The exhibition comprises a major wall installation of 303 pigment print photographs, an index of 303 street names together with a map identifying the whereabouts of each of these locations, a single-screen video projection and a 644 page book.

October 22, 2006 at 4:00 pm

A conversation between exhibiting artist Susan Hiller and Gallery Director Renee Baert.
Followed by reception.

The Liane and Danny Taran gallery would like to thank The British Council, Restaurant Garçon, Lillian and William Mauer for their generous support of this exhibition.


Panel and Open Discussion: Markers and Memory, Places and Ghosts
With: Vera Frenkel, Reesa Greenberg, Loren Lerner
Moderator: Peter White
November 2, 2006 at 6:00 pm

All my work deals with ghosts. Ghosts are invisible to most people but visible to a few.

In Germany there are 303 streets named after their former Jewish residents, but hardly anyone notices them. These street names are ghosts of the past, haunting the present.

The street signs in my images explicitly name what’s missing from all these places. I hope the work will provide an opportunity for meditation not only on this incurable, traumatic absence, but also on the causes of more recent attempts to destroy minority cultures and erase their presence.

- Susan Hiller

Artist’s Biography:

Susan Hiller began her artistic career in London in the early 1970's. She first became known for an innovative artistic practice including group participation works such as Dream Mapping (1974); museological/archival installations such as Fragments (1978), Enquiries/Inquiries (1973 & 1975) and Dedicated to the Unknown Artists (1972/6); and many other works in a range of media exploring automatic writing, ESP, photomat machines, wallpaper, postcards and other denigrated aspects of popular culture.

Her work is an excavation of the overlooked, ignored, or rejected aspects of our shared cultural production, and her varied projects collectively have been described as investigations into the 'unconscious' of culture.

A major survey exhibition of Hiller’s career to date initiated by BALTIC Centre of Contemporary Art (2004) has toured to Museu Serralves, Porto (2004) and the Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland (2005). Her work is in numerous collections, including her major installation, The Freud Museum, currently on view at the Tate Modern, London.

Top image: Susan Hiller, Index: The J.Street Project, 2002-5