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Janet Werner
June 24 to August 21, 2005

Curated by Renee Baert

Thursday, June 23, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
Preceded by a tour of the exhibition with the artist and curator at 6pm

Janet Werner, The little ankleboots knock like hooves (ac), detail, 2004
The Liane and Danny Taran Gallery of the Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts presents an exhibition of paintings by Montreal based artist Janet Werner.

This exhibition of painter Janet Wernerıs recent body of work marks the culmination of a new direction in her work over a period of some five years. Whereas she has utilized the tradition of portraiture in previous work to render complex, elusive subjectivities for a range of invented characters, the new portraits in this exhibition are no longer imagined persona, but rather incorporate figures drawn from a wide range of sources. These extend from models to porcelain figurines to 18th century miniatures to dolls and other popular forms. In these works, gesture is consolidated with gender to render a subtle account of the workings of fantasy and desire in the play of identifications through which identity is made.

Janet Werner was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and received her MFA from Yale University in 1987. Her work has gained national acclaim through exhibitions in galleries across the country, such as the Contemporary Art Gallery (Vancouver), the Ottawa Art Gallery (Ottawa), Plug In Contemporary Art (Winnipeg) and Optica (Montreal) and its inclusion in the Prague Biennale in the summer of 2003. Werner is currently a professor in the MFA program at Concordia University. She is represented by Tracey Lawrence Gallery in Vancouver, Robert Birch Gallery in Toronto, and Paul Kuhn Gallery in Calgary.

Questions? Susannah Wesley, (514) 739-2301 Ext. 339

Top image: Janet Werner, Crawling Girl, 2003, courtesy of the Robert Birch Gallery