Depression in Females

Depression in FemalesDepression can be different depending on the person's sex, that's true. Actually, 1 in 8 females usually suffer from clinical depression yearly. Very often many women accept this condition as something normal, a kind of usual state for the "softer sex", but you should never mix it with clinical depression.

So, let's see, what a clinical depression is. This problem may happen to almost every female and is not related to her social status, age and race. Being in depression women cannot enjoy everyday life to the full. Sometimes, cases of depression may result in a suicide. But what is really nice - that depressions can be cured!

Never think that the first signs of depression may be only because of bad mood or some unpleasant moments during the day.

Depression is a disease and it is not just an ordinary spleen. Sure, there are some periods of life when all of us feel nasty and depressed after the death of close people or other serious events like divorce or dismissal. Sometimes, even personal problems that last for a long time or constant dissatisfaction may lead to the clinical depression.

Unfortunately even specialists make mistakes when think that the signs of depression should remain for months in order to make the correct diagnosis. Don't wait till the situation becomes worse and a person will not be able to lead a normal way of life. The earlier you notice this disease the quicker everything will be alright.

The fact is that even professionals cannot define the exact reasons of depression; though, speaking about females we can take into consideration biological factors like hormones and hormonal background or heredity. Moreover many women must combine job and family duties all the time – and it is rather stressful combination.