"Yes" or "No" to Antidepressants

In many cases people with depression feel lonely, but it is not really so, while about sixteen per cent of people in the USA get depression in their life. Sure, this problem may occur to each of us but it flows differently in connection with the person's sex and age group.

For instance, females have higher risk of being depressed in comparison to males. It is related, first of all to the changing hormonal background in women because of pubescence, menopause or beginning of the period menses and of course pregnancy.

As for elderly people, they can also get depression in case of a grief loss or the death of the close relative, or even when they live in loneliness. Especially, when they suffer from physical disabilities and have almost nobody to help them. Very often we do not pay enough attention to the first signs and believe that it is normal in such age. But don't make this terrible mistake! Depression is characteristic for any age group. And even your elderly relatives may need treatment.

Males are not so likely to become depressed and men rarely consider the signs of depression to be serious. That is why they do not often consult a doctor and simply ignore all the symptoms, thinking that it's just a bad mood. If you try to show them the problem they often become irritated and nervous and start drinking alcohol or doing other things in order to distract them. By the way male suicides happen oftener.

As you see in some cases it is impossible to do without special medications called antidepressants. Sure there are some drawbacks like:

  • Alarm or anxiety
  • Sickness
  • Sensation of dryness in the mouth
  • Sleep Disturbance
  • Problems with intestine
  • Vertigo
  • Troubles in sexual life
  • Somnolence
  • Loosing or gaining weight

For this reason we advise do not take any of these antidepressants without a prescription from the specialist. Only knowing your condition and weak places he will be able to choose for you the best medications, which will not harm the organism. Here everything is very individual, so be wise.

Sometimes it happens so that antidepressants may influence the patient's psychological state and may cause suicidal thoughts (especially in kids and teenagers). So, when such a medication is prescribed the task of the doctor is to weigh up all the positive and negative sides in order to have the best result.